N’ap Keep Going

N’ap Keep Going

N’ap Keep Going

Haiti is one of the most stressful countries to live in. Anxiety has reached the highest level in our lives. It seems the farther we want to go in whatever we are working towards, the more distractions there are with political unrest, insecurity, and bad news in general. Without even knowing, we can become so addicted to keeping up with the “bad news” of what is going on around us that we lose focus on our goals. We always feel so powerless and so small in whatever situation we are going through. And when someone is motivated to do something with their life but there is something out of their control that is slowing them down… Y’all this is no joke. Things are really hard. 

But what we have realized in the midst of chaos is that there are still always opportunities. N’ap keep going is a way to express this idea: We are determined to keep looking for opportunities. We keep going with a vision followed with a plan. It is said that motivation will get you started, but only discipline can help you stay committed to the process and achieve your goal. With everything that is happening in Haiti, motivation is not enough. We need discipline.

There is a lady that sells breakfast in my neighborhood. She is there every single time I pass by. Every morning around 6 am she is ready to start the day, without exception. I wonder, does this lady ever take a sick day? I never really get to talk to her personally but I have learned from her. She teaches me so much about how I should treat life. With CONSISTENCY. 

Now, how can we change the situation in Haiti? What is the best way to change our country? N’ap keep going is a way of saying that we are not going to sit here without doing anything. We are not going to let ourselves be distracted by the chaos. But we will view ourselves as the change. We will improve ourselves. We will do what we can. We have motivation AND discipline. N’ap keep going, y’all. 

-Jude and Cicie

Jucie Collection is a Haitian-owned lifestyle brand founded by Jude and Cicie. N'ap Keep Going translates to "We're going to keep going." We, at 2nd Story Goods, are so proud to carry their products and help to give them an outlet in the US market.


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