About Us

At 2nd Story Goods, we know you want to be a fashionable responsible consumer without breaking the bank.
The problem is that you don’t know where to shop, which can leave you feeling hesitant and guilty with every purchase you make.
We believe you deserve to feel good about the stuff you buy. 
We understand how it feels to want to buy things that are good for the people who made them, the planet, and you.This is why we’ve been working on the ground with our artisans in Gonaives, Haiti for 10 years, creating recycled, handcrafted goods for a livable wage. Last year our impact enabled over 108 children to stay in school, not because of hand-outs, but through the dignity of their parents’ work with 2nd Story Goods. 
So shop now or hop on our email list (we won’t spam you, we promise!)  so you can stop being a part of tragic consequences on communities across the globe due to inconsiderate purchasing and instead feel good knowing the beautiful products you purchase were also a responsible choice for change in the world!
Let us know if you need help finding anything. - contactus@2ndstorygoods.com
We Believe
  • We believe in a FAIR, LIVABLE WAGE for working people.
  • We believe that the LOWEST PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST PRICE. (see #1 )
  • We believe in building a company that benefits the community where it is planted.  Good wages mean people are supporting local businesses, churches, and schools.
  • We believe that building a strong company means people have the means to help each other in hard times and are not looking to outsiders to meet their basic needs. It is a beautiful and honoring thing!
  • We believe that PEOPLE THAT LIVE WITHIN A COMMUNITY are best suited to bring positive change for their community, model leadership qualities, and empower upcoming generations.
  • We believe that working to create beautiful things stirs up all kinds of WONDER, DIGNITY AND CONNECTEDNESS.
  • We believe in H O P E with every fiber of this business.
Some Key Facts -
  • Artisans are paid a living wage (approximately 5x the minimum wage for Haiti) for the time they spend making goods, upfront, by the piece.
  • We lived here in the city where we are working for 10 years. We were and still are a part of this community.  All our goods are made in Haiti and most are made in Gonaives; many of our artisans are from Jubilee, a small developing community on the outskirts of Gonaives by the sea. This neighborhood is so special to us, because it is where our work originally started. 
  • We operate as a subsidiary of Much Ministries - Much is a registered 501c3 non-profit registered in the state of Georgia. Purchases are not tax deductible, ( of course! ) but donations made toward this work are. 
Listen to our founder, Kathy Brooks, talk about her journey of starting 2nd Story Goods.