Adam Pelletier

This one.  He is an unsung hero and seldom shows up in the cool photo but he is one that does the really cool stuff.  Stuff like emailing customers regularly to check on their satisfaction.

Like carefully checking and packaging each product that leaves his office to make sure it will be a happy occasion for the receiver to open!


He does the cool stuff like spending hours packing up Angels and Bracelets and bulky xylophones and Confetti rugs...getting it just right.  Cool Stuff like taking an extra 25 minutes to drive boxes to Fedex so our customers can get better shipping rates. Cool stuff like combing through communication history with each customer so that he understands their business and how to best serve them.


Adam came to work with 2nd Story as our great need to for a stateside warehouse manager/ customer support / salesperson / shipping engineer came into play. And Wow!!!


He and his wife Jessica, are an amazing team. They are all about family and hospitality and  loving people well. They are so critical to the work here in Haiti!  


His cool nickname: Adam, man of dirt. ( and he’s a farmer! So that works. )

His super power: Packing 200 sq ft of product into a 185 sq ft space and his dance skill.  Something like you see on Fiddler on the Roof fancy footwork by the old Jewish men. Crazy skill.