Got Goodies?

At 2nd Story Goods, we have a Goodie system through our 2SG VIP Rewards! Whenever you spend $1 on our site, you earn 5 “Goodies” (points). You don’t only have to spend money to earn Goodies, though. You can receive 200 Goodies just by signing up! Click here to learn about all of the simple ways you can accumulate Goodies to unlock endless rewards.

How to redeem your Goodies:

  1. Log in to your customer account on our site by pressing on the person icon in the top right-hand corner
  1. Click the green "Rewards" button on the bottom right-hand corner


  1. Click "Ways to redeem" as pictured below


  1. Click "Redeem" next to Order discount


  1. Click "Redeem" again (this will turn all of your Goodies into a discount code) 


  1. On the next screen you will be given a discount code to apply to your order!