The best bookkeeper we could have imagined!  Brandon, who receives all the input from Jimson, describes him as “the Beast” in the most honoring kind of way. If the account is off by 35 gds...he will track it down, if we take money to buy supplies in town, we better come back with a receipt. Nothing gets by without clear documentation and accounting practices.

He is amazing!

And funny.

And the biggest piece is that he is responsible to pay people. Deep in our company culture is the value of respect. And in his seat across the desk, he “speaks” respect and gratitude to each person he pays. That is a critical piece to 2nd Story Goods.  

And for all his intense work, Jimson is a really happy guy. He comes to work with a smile each morning and  he takes his job seriously and that is exactly what we need!

His nickname: the beast,

His super power: super sleuth, the capacity to track down every last gourde.  (.01)