It's an inside thing. 

This move from poverty.

Not just about US dollars and Haitian gourdes. But about knowing you have valuable stuff inside. It changes us.  And we begin to believe that what God says about us just might be true!

I was blown away the other day listening to the heart of this man. Mardochè Nelson. He has lived it. Now he gives it to the guys from Jubilee that work with him. They are making instruments from Bamboo. They are becoming quite the team. It is amazing!

Mardochè is a musician and a creative genius.  He wants to see the spirit of poverty and fear crushed in this city.

It is what we live each day. What we are planning for, studying for, preparing land, hauling boxes and blocks and praying for each day: to see "individuals, families and communities move from a spirit of poverty into a posture of abundance" On earth as it is in Heaven!