22$ Subscription Box

22$ Subscription Box

How does it work?




(You can stop the subscription at any time but you won’t want to because we intend to WOW you with this!)


Start going to your mailbox everyday looking for your 2ND STORY GOODS Package!

We'll send your first package right away and then you will get a package each month (shipped in the first week of each month)




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By subscribing to 2nd Story Goods Gift Packages you are having a three-fold impact.

  1. You help a very specific community in Haiti for the good. Not through a hand out, but rather by saying “we value the work of your hands!”
  2. You are helping us grow! Honestly, as a business, we are in that place that requires extra capital. We are adding infrastructure, staff, warehousing space, and we are investing in new ways of dyeing fabrics, we’re expanding our bead making capacity, and beginning to work more with metal, glass and wood. All of this results in more much needed jobs. And all of it requires more dollars in the startup season. This subscription package idea will help us do that.
  3. Feedback, you are getting a chance to tell us honestly how we’re doing. We want the 2nd Story experience to WOW you, By subscribing to the gift packages you are going to get the right to speak into our business. We are all ears! You will be heard!