Metal Art Word Ornaments


The Product:

These words are made to inspire, perfect for the holiday season...or any time of year!

The Story:

The Steel Drum Art of Haiti has been famous for decades throughout the world. Metal from recycled steel drums is cut, flattened, and put into a fire to be made malleable. Then the artisan traces the pattern onto the flat piece, and with chisel and hammer in hand, starts the tapping that cuts away all that is not the image. These particular pieces are made in the village of Croix des Bouquet, which has come to be known as the capital of metal art in Haiti!

The Details:

-materials: upcycled steel

-100% local, recycled materials

-"Peace" 7.5" Wide, 2" Tall

-"Joy" 5" Wide, 2" Tall

-Metal wire for hanging