MAY 13, 2010

MAY 13, 2010


 We have an “automatic” dishwasher. But we don’t use it. ever.

a few years ago  i realized that the idea of filling the sink with warm sudsy water and sinking my hands into the water and scrubbing the dishes . rinsing  and setting them aside to dry…is  a Pleasure. 

The idea of loading  The Machine and emptying The Machine..having to check each piece for actual cleanness after The Machine has had its turn, getting upset when they aren’t clean, complaining, and then washing them myself…this was Stressful. 

So we wash dishes by hand at our house.

(fortunately i still feel good about the use of the clothes washing machine! )


Thats what i call them. 

  Washing dishes, Painting, Pulling Weeds, Building a clay pot, Sweeping, Cutting grass, Folding laundry.

 Simple moves seem to make a rhythm in my head for amazing thoughts.

This morning while washing dishes i had at least three great , really great ideas. 

Simple moves.  helps my brain sort itself out.

SO MUCH going on in there.

Told my husband.” i love being me.  I love my head.”  

OUTRAGEOUS  beautiful ideas come out  like a gusher.

So I wash dishes

 to think .

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