JUNE 26, 2010

JUNE 26, 2010


The kids this week at our “world changers summer camp have had some gret opportunities.  They worked with clay in the pottery studio, have painted in the art studio, they’ve learned to waltz and basic ballroom protocol, they have started writing their own scripts to create skits around  two  significant historical events. and they have watched video shorts about world shaping ideas.  It’s as we imagined it would be.

Interestingly, the activity they seemed to really go after was our “building ” class.

They divided into two clans and we let them loose in the back acre of property and gave them the assignment to build  shelters out of whatever resources they could scrounge together…to build a home the way that many people in t he world have to build their homes.

So out they went, gathering old tin and abondoned sections of tarp.  They hammered old nails out of boards using discarded pieces of iron.  They pulled together pallets and tires.  And when their hour was up and the hot afternoonsun was beating down …they didnt want to stop.

They worked another 45 minutes until their parents came to pick them up and were forced to leave…  asking if they can come in early next week to get extra time to work.  They are thinking about how to get fresh water, what do they have to trade, where can we get material for sleeping?

Who would have thought ?

It s been a week of seeing vision become sight.

Besides the Summer Camp program for local kids…we have had 70-90 kids here each day with TEAM EFFORT helping us and Waynesville Residents with the Waynesville Make-Over 2010.

The kids have come from Texas, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina and North Georgia and North Carolina.  They are led by adults servants who model grace and extreme patience !  We have workd on 5 different homesites so far.  Creating order and beauty as the residents – older , disabled folks , watch and bring regular gallons of koolaid and give lots of appropriate oooes and aaahhhs.  Very grateful , they are.

It is a beautiful thing to watch these students spend a week out of their summer break to help in a town, they hardly know and we dearly love.

Vision becoming sight.

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