JULY 5, 2010

JULY 5, 2010


 Our Haiti World and our rural South Georgia World.

It’s kind of beautiful to me.

Creole flows. From english speakers and Haitian born alike.

This was evident the other afterrnoon when the goats walked casually out the the open gate and Natasha yelled “Gade sa!!!!” to get everyones attention.  and about 6 people of the 30 or more gathered around the pond understood her exactly.

Homes are the best places to see transformation..and the exterior of our interior.  This little farm we occupy, this little five acres space has undergone many seasons.  Seasons of homeschool life.  The five kids home 24 / 7.  Priceless time together building forts in the woods, Math on the porch, Essays at the kitchen table  and painting benches and signs in the shop. 

One by one the kids grow up and venture out to create the exterior of their own interior…Spaces of their own.  It is a painfully beautiful thing!

But this, our home, enters another season still .  temporary Home to others growing dreams and destinys. Bedrooms are  used like boarding rooms, changing occupants sometimes day by day sometimes week to week. 

Rebecca maintains her  bedroom space..for a tiny bit of sameness  We learned that this is important. We honor her.  She is growing up …and  all that means with true grace and beauty.

We head back to haiti together in a few weeks.  Rebecca and I and Papa Beaver.  In our home here will be Natasha and Junior ( Jovin ) as of July 17th !, Luke Mark and Christine..two college students raised in Haiti, soon to be attending College in Coastal Georgia.

We exchange places and feel at home in both worlds somehow.

Never thought it could happen. But it does.  Homes are the outward pic of the inward life  And ours is increasingly blended .

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