DECEMBER 3, 2010

DECEMBER 3, 2010


around midnight, the phone rang. i strained to hear through the walls . in a few minutes heard Emory and Mary up and moving down the stairs. “what is it?'”  i ask.

“A sick baby. they are on their way.”

A few minutes later a gentleman arrived with a bundle of “baby “girl. Actually she is two, but so tiny.

She has beeen throwing up for a few hours,, and diareah. I go wake up the doctor with the mississippi team.

The papa is quick to explain the situation as he tenderly tries to keep her wrapped in her blanket towel. He bats at the mosquitos that would attempt to land on her arm.

They talk , have a look. ? is it cholera? Don’t know. We begin to hydrate . She can drink from a cup.

I watch as this man’s face registers concern each time she give back the liquid she has just taken in. i am touched by his obvious love and tenderness toward his little girl.

then as the night wears on and we begin to talk,i find out that this child is not “his”.

This gentleman and his wife work with the Genadas. The mother of this little girl baby died and the father is “unavailable”…is that how you say that???

So as a follower of God, and a disciple of Juanito, this couple takes her in. And heaven is expanded as the earth is given a painting of adoption.

eventually she begins to hold down more and more of the liquid. we rock , we hold, we clean up. thankfully mama Ginny- the saint! comes down stairs around 4:30 and takes my place in the rocker. I escape to my bed for sleep, the Papa stays, taking turns with Ginny pushing the hydration fluid and assuring her in a melody of creole.

By morning she is sleeping peacefully and is showing signs of a well hydrated soul. Thankful . They are sent home with instructions to go straight to the hospital if she turns for the worse. taking no chances. if she stops taking hydration orally with successs, she will need an IV.

of all the news that is flashed daily to the world about Haiti. Stories of violence and panic..i would like to report this story of love and tenderness. This Haitian man depicitng fatherhood and an authentic spirit of adoption, this baby girl who will live, and not die, of ture pastors ..who lead men to follow like Rose and Juanito Genada….of ordinary people like Mary and EmorY who have made a home here for scenes like the above to take place daily. of the goodness of beautiful God here in this place.

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