FEBRUARY 22, 2011

FEBRUARY 22, 2011


She is the Director of the Medical / Health aspect of the Haiti Trade School. 

This first week she has brought in Keziah Furth,  our good friend, to teach on common medical problems to Haiti, and especially for women.  Were thrilled to have 5 local nurses and 6 midwives attend, as well as about 30 folks from the community.  Even in this one session Keziah gave them very practical information that can help improve their health and protect them from future health risks.

Today she and Martha will incorporate the local nurses into the teaching time.  They will help take blood pressure readi


ngs and advise on practical ways to monitor this very common problem.

Beaver gathered with about 20 local community leaders to discuss what it means to live in Jubilee. It was really interesting to hear the comments on what they like about their community and what they want to change.  They like that it is a safe place to live…they desperately want more jobs here.  Everyone desires to work.

Had a farmer take me out to see his fields located between the school and the ocean.   He lovingly talked of harvests of melons, corn, mangoes, bananas, beans….but this year the fields are very dry and he and his fellow farmers are losing their crops.  He wanted to know if we can collaborate on drilling a well that all the farmers can share.  This well will probably cost about 2000 USD to put in.  It may be possible for them to bring together half… it would be so wonderful to invest in this.  A very good project.

The community is going to come together to build a house for a widow with four children.  Her youngest has severe developmental issues. Her house is literally almost down to two walls.  It is a mud house and literally falling apart. Her concrete pad is swept clean, her yard free of all trash.  She has nothing,even her one bed that she had before when we visited , is gone…repossessed to pay a debt on charcoal, rice and oil.  repossessed.

We will participate with the funds for  the block and cement and the  people of the Jubilee community are going to build it for her, no charge for labor. As they very much want to take care of the widows, orphans and elderly in their community.

Reading in Isaiah 58..is this not the fast i have chosen…doing the stuff.


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