MAY 3, 2011 

MAY 3, 2011 



by Kathy Brooks on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 7:44am
we were in Gonaives the evening that the “unoffical” results were annonuced.  It was amazingly peaceful.  There were a few spontaeous parades…dancing in the streets… but we heard no rioting, no gun shots…..and this in Gonaives where, historicallly political unrest begins.   God is doing a new thing in this nation.  

“God we ask that You would so capture the  heart of Mr. Martelly that he would awaken each morning to seek you and to worship you with a clean pure heart!   Use him to open the ancient gates of blessing for this nation.  THat all things would come into line with Your heart, Your Ways. Your kindgom come on earth as it is in Heaven!”

Historic Presidential Election in Haiti brings about a Peaceful Result

by Aimee Herd/Terry Snow : Apr 12, 2011 : YWAM Haiti

“We all know that it will be God that brings true transformation.” -Terry Snow

Based out of St. Marc, YWAM Haiti has had “boots on the ground” there long before the earthquake, which enabled them to be a valuable source of aid to the Haitians after its devastation.

YWAM Haiti continues to be a “city on a hill,” making an impact for the Lord in that region. The following is a report on the recent elections there from YWAM Director for Haiti, Terry Snow.

 If you haven’t heard Haiti has a new President. It is Michel Martelly! President elect Martelly has a lot of name recognition as a singer. He won the election by over 60% of the vote. However the greatest thing about the election is it passed with little to no violence and the final results seem to have been accepted in a remarkably peaceful manner. As a result this election was historic.

The US Embassy and a host of other nations had chosen Martelly as their favorite. Most people see Martelly as a breath of fresh air and an opportunity for change. His opponent Madem Manigat was a part of the old politics of Haiti. I noted just a week prior to the election that she began to support things that were not positive for ongoing change and reform. It would appear the people of Haiti agree!

Michel Martelly a former entertainer known for his stage presence, had campaigned on a forceful promise to change the status quo, pledging to break with decades of past corruption and bring a better life to Haitians struggling to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake. “Martelly’s victory implies a rejection of the political class that has both governed and been in the opposition,” said Robert Fatton, a Haiti expert and politics professor at the University of Virginia.

We all know that it will be God that brings true transformation. Let’s pray for the new elect president that he would be used of God and be sensitive to His will.

Taking the High Places! -Terry W. Snow

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