JUNE 1, 2011   

JUNE 1, 2011   

T R A N S – I – T I O N


State … Stage … Form … or Activity … to another.

Musically: a passage connecting two sections of a musical composition.

Picture us strumming away to reach the right  chords to bring  us into the next part of the song.

That is a lovely description of a messy procedure that I think of as “packing for the rest of your life”   Rebecca and I leave this Sunday for Haiti, when we return in July,  our house will be sold and the contents with it. So I have 6 suitcases to fill with the belongings I want to hang on to. What a great opportunity to shed a few 1000 pounds !

The plan as we know it right now:

June:  Beaver stateside doing all the difficult things.  Rebecca and I in Haiti working with teams and Trade School.

July:  traveling and visiting family and friends, organizing the new stateside MUCH ministries office,  and gathering prayer support for the coming assignment.

August : Join our wonderful comrades in Haiti .


God is doing beautiful things all over the world….i like to think, The Beginning is Near!  “Birth Pains “  generally signify something being born, right? He really is bringing all things into line with His heart and we get to be a part of it!  Pick any people group in need and watch as God sends His kids into that place and transformation begins.  It is the stuff of the kingdom…like kudzo…once it takes root, there is no stopping It … Even the gates of hell will fall as we rush in there too!

We leave Waynesville and the beautiful Marketplace experience knowing that it was ALWAYS about the invisible things, the unseen hearts, minds  and  spirits of the people.  Folks have reminded us again and again that the kudzu like ways of the kingdom have been sown and it will continue to expand where it has always mattered….in the people.


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