A Closer Look at Some New Products

A Closer Look at Some New Products

A Closer Look at Some New Products


There’s nothing we love more than a new product launch! Today we wanted to share a closer look at some of our most favorite NEW 2nd Story Goods Products, and tell you a little about why we love each 🤗   (scroll to the bottom to see the matching photos!) 


Atelier Calla is a Haitian woman-owned artisan workshop focused on handcrafting Haitian-sourced horn, bone, and wood products. Each piece is one of a kind due to the nature of the materials. We love our partnership with them and their elegantly designed, timeless products.


The handmade moon-inspired Luna Necklace will be your go-to when you want a subtle yet noticeable addition to your outfit 😍  And the best part is that, when it does get noticed, you get to tell the story!  Finish off the look with these matching Luna Earrings! On their own, or paired with the companion necklace, these earrings scream minimalist chic


Speaking of minimalist chic, these Minimalist Horn Stud Earrings are a simple horn stud that you can wear every day! Match it with one of our many horn necklace options, pair it with the Wood and Horn Bracelet Set, or keep it simple and let them stand-alone.


Did you know horn and bone can be used for a lot more than just jewelry?! Atelier Calla can do it all folks! 😋  The Natural Horn Comb is just one more way these talented ladies have used this material! Did you also know that there are many benefits to using a horn comb? Plus, not to mention, it is super classy looking!


Beyond the beauty of horn (both what it is, and what it brings to our lives) it is so practical! The Wood and Horn Cheese Knife pairs perfectly with the Wood and Horn Cutting Board.  This duo would be especially perfect for your next get together, or for the next time you’re looking for a gift! 🎁


You can add these Suzy Salad Servers, made with solid wood and completed with horn tipped handles, to your table set up for a refined and classy look! And they can be used to serve so much more than salad, Pair them with some Hexagon Horn Napkin Rings, a Small Wood and Horn-Rimmed Bowl, or some Classic Horn Spoons to make your table all fancy and matchy! 😊


All of our jewelry incorporates upcycled and/or local materials. This reflects our values of positively impacting the earth and the local economy of Haiti, as well as the redemption of giving old things a 2nd Story. Our jewelry team has become experts in their craft since 2011 when we started out teaching the skills, crowded together on children’s school benches in Jubilee!


These Copper Coil Bracelets feature gorgeous beads (handmade with locally-sourced clay in our own backyard in Haiti!) complete with a fun copper coil piece. A signature 2nd Story Goods piece! 💛  Another 2nd Story Goods piece we are so proud of are these Loved Stackable Bracelets Buy one, two, or all three of these beauties! These handmade bracelets are made for stacking but also make a statement on their own. Each one declares the simple truth that each and every one of us is loved beyond comprehension.


Our sewing team works with leather from our leather workshop, canvas from the local market, and screen prints from our local screen printer to make these beautiful pieces of art! This Be the Change Purse provides so much positive movement in the local economy in Haiti! Truly making a change! 👏


Just one more of our new favorite pieces are these decorative Rice Baskets! Called “laye” in Haitian Creole, these hand woven baskets are a basic tool in everyday life in Haiti. 😄  They are used to clean rice in preparation for cooking. The rice is tossed around in the basket as it is checked for small stones and other seeds that were pulled into the harvest. Hang this piece in your home to serve as a reminder of the mundane, yet beautiful processes that make up our lives!


It brings us so much joy to see how members of the 2nd Story Goods family use our beautiful goods so connect with us on social media @2ndStoryGoods!

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