2nd Story Goods: Fall Favorites

2nd Story Goods: Fall Favorites

2nd Story Goods: Fall Favorites

Fall is in full swing, and we thought that, along with warm cups of coffee, pumpkin scented candles, and cozy sweaters, you might want to pull out some 2nd Story Goods fall gear! Here’s our ultimate list of all things fall from our collection: (scroll to the bottom to see the matching photos!) 

Mango and Oak bracelet set – This set of wooden bangles has all the fall vibes you need to finish off an outfit!
Coffee and mug bundle – Is there anything more quintessential “fall” than endless cups of coffee? (We don’t think so!)
Leather feather earring – These sustainable fall earrings are made from leather scraps saved from ending up in the landfill, cut into feathers and accented with locally sourced hand-dyed seed beads.
Betty Horn Necklace – We think the brown hues in this piece are just the most perfect autumn colors.
Leather Cross Body Bag – Whether you’ve headed back to school, back to the office, or just back to the grocery store this fall, this cross body is for you.
Moso Throw Blanket – We’re B I G believers in layering blankets all over the house during fall!
Burlap Market Tote – Fall is also farmers market season! Grab your mask and market tote to hunt for some fall market goodies!

Braided Cotton Trivet – Go ahead and make a big ole pot of chili, this Braided Cotton Trivet will gladly display it on your table.

Small Bowl with Horn Rim by Atelier Calla - You can then serve up that chili in these beautiful bowls!

Pocket Napkin Set - And don't forget to set the table with these sweet napkins!

Woven Clutch – This clutch is where sophistication meets boho, and where summer turns into fall! Grab one of these to carry your ultimate essentials for a football game or apple cider tasting.

Plain Jane Necklace – This leather, clay, and upcycled aluminum necklace is a 2nd Story Goods all star, and the terra cotta color of the bead makes it a fall favorite.
Goldenrod Bead Stackable Bracelet – You always need some little tidbit accessories around to reach peak fall style. These stackable bracelets have just the right amount of flare to mix and match or stand on its own.
Natural Leather Drop Earring – Just like the Leather Feather Earring, these Leather Drop beauties are perfect for fall. And, the natural tanned leather color goes with EVERYTHING!


Be sure to keep an eye out for some of our other fall favorites throughout this wonderful season!

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