A Summer Day With 2nd Story Goods

A Summer Day With 2nd Story Goods

A Summer Day With 2nd Story Goods

You know that not-so-awkward moment when you realize that everything you do these days involves some of your handmade goods from 2nd Story Goods?! We love seeing how you take advantage of our artisans’ amazing creations in your everyday life! Today, we are looking at what a Summer Day with 2nd Story Goods’ beautiful goods looks like. We invite you to picture yourself in this scene as we paint it: 

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning, and stepping out of bed onto a Braided Cotton Rug— what a bright and joyful way to start your day! Then, you go into the kitchen to start a pot of Singing Rooster Coffee, and prepare breakfast for your family! As the smell of the Haitian coffee fills the air, you pour some blueberries and chocolate chips in the Atelier Calla Horn Rim bowls for your kids to add to their pancakes! While your family enjoys breakfast at the table decked with the Oval Woven Placemat Set, you sneak away to get dressed in your favorite jumpsuit (which has the best summery name: Searching for Seashells by the Seashore) and Creme Libete Earrings! Before you go back to your family, you quickly make your kids’ beds, complete with colorful Confetti Pillows!

Later in the day, you decide to cut some watermelon as a quick summer snack on the Oval Cutting Board with White Trims (a big hit with your family), and while you clean up dishes in the sink, you catch up with a friend about your book club reading of From Aid to Trade using the Clay Phone Holder. You remember that you have a gift for your friend– the Hope Dog Tag Bracelet– and you grab your Black Sheepskin Tote and your keys on a Leather Tassel Keychain to head out the door!

After dropping off the gift for your friend, you decide to have some quiet time curled up with the MOSO Throw Blanket and your Leather Journal and Bible.  Before you know it, it’s time for dinner! You and your family take the Market Basket out to the garden to get some fresh vegetables for your salad. You eventually sit down on your back deck with a dish in your Casserole Basket and start serving using your Atelier Calla Stained Wood and Bone Salad Servers as the sun sets on your day.

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