Go Back to School or the Office with Confidence

Go Back to School or the Office with Confidence

Go Back to School or the Office with Confidence

Are you going back to school or heading back to the office? If you are getting ready for in-person school or work (for what is maybe the first time since the pandemic) we want to help you walk into this next season confident and prepared! Plus, the fact that all of these products are ethically handmade in Haiti for a living wage means you can use them with pride! 

1. Raw Large Leather Tote or Simon Backpack 
Our leather totes and backpacks let you carry your supplies in style. Whether you are walking around campus or commuting to the office, having a solid bag that can fit everything you need is essential! With plenty of room for your laptop and books, as well as special pockets for your other needs, both of these bags are sure to be game changers! 

Our up-cycled rug is perfect to make your office more cozy or add a splash of color to your dorm room. Not only are these rugs more sustainable than your average store bought rugs, they add texture and fun to a room. An additional bonus to having a confetti rug in your space is that they are a great conversation starter!

Everyone should get a new piece of jewelry they are excited about when its time for back to school shopping (even Mom, right?!) ! These versatile necklaces can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion which makes them an ideal everyday accessory.

If you are fan of silver jewelry then the Ti Fom Necklace is going to be your go-to accessory for every outfit. The shorter length and geometric charms make it super trendy!

If you are a gold jewelry type of person then you will love the Majok Bar necklace which has a gold chain with greyish-white beads. This one is classy and puts a fun twist on the traditional bar necklace style.

Anyone else guilty of having an unorganized free-for-all drawer that holds crumpled up business cards mixed in with a conglomeration of office supplies? Not anymore! We're huge fans of these clay card holders when it comes to keeping your desk clean and organized!

Both of these pouches are perfect for tossing in your bigger bag (like the tote or backpack mentioned above!) to keep things organized. Each one features internal pockets as well, so you can even keep your organization organized! Pretty "neat"! 

New CDC guidelines reveal that it appears that masks will continue to be a part of our reality, at least as the new school year begins. Since vaccines are still not approved for children under 12 and the Delta variant is on the rise, the CDC is recommending masks be worn in school. Over the summer we got used to the previously loosened guidelines on mask wearing, so we've been prone to forgetting them lately. That's why we're glad to have these mask chains so we can keep them close by! 

We wish you all the luck as you head back to school or the office and are honored when you choose to bring our handcrafted goods with you! As always, sign up for our email list for more tips for putting our products to their best use! 

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