Good Habits

Good Habits

Good Habits

Trying to practice some better habits in 2021?

Yeah, us too! There is much we cannot control in the world, but taking care of ourselves amidst it all is something we can control. Check out our recommendations for some good habits we're trying to establish this year and 2nd Story Goods products to go with them!


Bike Basket. Good habit: encourages moving our bodies. Helps us carry all the things as we do so!


Natural Horn Comb. Good habit: horn combs have amazing benefits like helping combat headaches.


Singing Rooster Coffee. Good habit: buying fair trade coffee is one of the best and easiest ways to switch to buying ethically-produced goods.


Singing Rooster Chocolate. Good habit: fair trade chocolate is another simple and easy switch. We're trying to have some on hand to love our people well on hard days.


Executive Portfolio. Good habit: stay organized! Our portfolios can be filled with new paper as many times as you'd like.


Leather Journal. Good habit: journal! Use a journal to reflect on thoughts, feelings, prayers, big and small life happenings, and so much more.


Braided Cotton Rug. Good habit: make our space beautiful and cozy. Especially because it looks like we'll all continue to spend more time at home through the remainder of the pandemic. 


Emy Earrings. Good habit: start getting dressed again! Even when we're working from home or have no big plans,  wearing pretty jewelry can make a huge difference in how we feel each day.


Key Chain w/ Aluminum Pendant. Good habit: we want to stop losing our keys! And take a reminder of an encouraging word with us everywhere we go!


Bottle Bottom Ornament. Good habit: recycle! Find 2nd Stories for old things, like we did with these bottle bottoms. And buy things made with recycled materials.


From Aid to Trade. Good habit: read! We're *trying* to watch a little less Netflix and read a little more!


Wood and Horn Cutting Board. Good habit: Cook fresh dishes! Having a pretty cutting board encourages us to cut up more veggies! 


2nd Story Goods Monthly Subscription Club. Good habit: Support things you believe in AND treat yourself with surprises every month. Don’t need the things? Another great way to support us is signing up to be a monthly donor through our parent non-profit, Much.


And the best habit of all? The purchase of any of these products helps you practice the important habit of buying ethically-made goods and supporting the values you want to see in the world. 

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