Goods with Words that Inspire Us

Goods with Words that Inspire Us

Goods with Words that Inspire Us

 Want to uplift and motivate your loved ones by giving them a gift that will bring some positivity into their life? We've got you covered with this carefully crafted collection of our most inspirational products, including journals, home goods, t-shirts, and accessories. You're sure to find something they'll love with the added bonus of knowing that you're supporting families in Haiti with the purchase of their gifts. 


1. Be the Change Purse

Let this “change” purse serve as a reminder to put your words into action and “change” the world by helping to provide living wage jobs in Haiti! Made with locally-sourced upcycled leather and canvas scrap pieces. 

2. 10 Minute Essay Journal

We firmly believe that anyone can write for just 10 minutes, and we never cease to be amazed by the beautiful stuff that comes out when we do.Get started with this powerful, but easy practice with our handmade canvas and burlap journal. Include a prompt booklet with thoughtful sentiments to get you started!

3. Tea Towel

Let these powerful daily reminders become a centerpiece of your kitchen with our tea towels, made of locally sourced cotton fabric, sewn and screen-printed in Gonaives, Haiti.

4. "It’s All About the Journey" Luggage Tag

The dreaming, the planning, the bumps along the way. It all belongs. Let this luggage tag serve as a reminder of this as you make new journeys and experience new corners of the world!

5. Banana Paper Magnets

The Banana Paper Magnet Set is chock full of words that inspire us. Spread inspiration even further by breaking the set open and gifting them to your loved ones. Our current favorite is “Every single choice is a chance to turn toward the life you really want.” What’s yours?!

6. Pocket Napkins

Sitting around a table for dinner provides an opportunity to pause and remember the things that are really important to us. These pocket napkins with locally-printed words inspire us to take a moment to pause, give thanks, enjoy, and savor.

7. Harvest Aprons

Make your kitchen a place of community in your home and gather your ingredients so you can gather your people around the table! What bigger inspiration than the people we love all together.

8. Giving Angels

Encourage those around you with our Giving Angels, a physical reminder for your loved ones to remember you’re there for them. Born out of a search to make something out of seemingly nothing and handmade with upcycled broken ceramic, these angels show that there is always potential for what was once broken to become something beautiful.

9. Aluminum Story Cuff

Self Talk plays a bigger role in our lives than we can even consciously know and the stories we tell ourselves are a powerful force. These upcycled metal cuffs whisper positive affirmations to the wearer all day. One of our favorites is “not wasted”, a play on the recycled nature of the material and a reminder that nothing in our lives goes to waste. We can use it all to learn and stretch towards growth.

10. "I’m A Lot" Shirt

Some of us can be a lot, and we’re proud to say it! Embrace your passion for the world with this sustainable, fair trade tee! The eco-friendly fabric includes Repreve recycled polyester (five recycled water bottles in each tee!).

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