LOVE pillow fundraiser: taking on uncertainty

LOVE pillow fundraiser: taking on uncertainty

Knowing what to do in an emergency is critical. Because, as we have learned, even our best intentions can end up hurting rather than helping the people we love. 


Our beloved Haiti is once again in an emergency situation. And as we have spent hours talking to the people on the ground there, we are assured, the best thing we are positioned to do for Haiti right now is keep bringing orders to the Artisans.  


Think about it, when even one parent is working, it creates a sense of stability for a family and even the community has a sense of normal in the midst of so much uncertainty. And of course, it provides for the family and neighbors' basic necessities, as the costs have gone up enormously with supplies stuck in the capital. 


So we are coming to you, our people, with a BIG ASK.


Together with the sewing team in Gonaives we’ve designed a new LOVE Pillow that they can begin making, Today.


They have the materials in house and the treadle machines (that don’t require electricity)

are at the ready. 


The catch is,  we need to pre-sell them.


That means we need friends to order pillow cases today.

Pay for them Today.

With the understanding that we don’t know when they will ship..


That means YOU TAKE ON some uncertainty in your life. 

While you TAKE OFF some uncertainty in others. 

We can do that, can’t we?


And, we are putting a BIG price tag on it. $50. 


Yep. You see, we pay the monthly overhead (including the most crucial part: salaries) for the workshop and staff in Haiti even when the ports are closed and boxes of product are sitting at the shipper for weeks, waiting for the airports to reopen.  


Every penny of the "profit" from these pillows goes back into this.


So have a look at the beautiful new LOVE Pillow, hand cut letters, (each one will be a little different based on the fabrics that are available) Sewn on a treadle powered sewing machine, in a country that must keep going.


If we can sell 100 this week we can meet the most critical need this month. 

In solidarity and love, 


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