10 Year Anniversary Products: A 2nd Story

10 Year Anniversary Products: A 2nd Story

10 Year Anniversary Products: A 2nd Story

You know that at 2nd Story Goods, we are all about giving old things 2nd stories. That’s why we incorporate recycled materials into almost every product we make! 
But as we grow and evolve as a company, so do our products. We love some of our original pieces so much that we couldn’t help but keep them with us, just with little updates (that make a big difference in the end result!) Here are some of our favorite revamped products next to the original pieces they were inspired by!  A 2nd Story, if you will.

Note: You may have noticed the prices of the old vs. revamped versions has increased quite significantly. The higher quality craftsmanship on these pieces as a result of the years of experience our makers now have + inflation = a higher cost we are more than happy to pay, and we know that our lovely customers (you!) whose lives are bent towards justice are, too. 

Dot and Loop Earring > Loop Earring 

The loop earring is perhaps one of our all-time most loved jewelry pieces. We didn’t want to lose this classic 2nd Story shape, so we gave it a mini makeover! The revamped post style + fun tassels makes for one of our very favorite designs to date. 

Ellipse Earring > Aluminum Pendant Earring 

We’ve updated and upgraded what was previously our Aluminum Pendant Earring and we’re so proud of the result. Locally-sourced upcycled hammered aluminum is paired with natural majok seed beads in this classic 2nd Story design. With a smoother and tiny bit thicker aluminum piece, each shape is now cleaner looking and uniform in size!

Friday Earring > Leather Drop Earring 

This earring just feels like Friday! Fun, bold, and ready for a good time! We’ve taken the shape of our Leather Drop Earring and upgraded it with a small hammered aluminum circle and gold post. It matches both gold and silver jewelry that you want to pair with it. It’s great for Fridays or any day of the week when you want to spice things up!

Moso Scrunchie > Original Moso Scrunchie


The Moso Scrunchie got a major upgrade. With a cream cotton band and color-blocked tails, it’s simpler, classier, and all around cuter than the original! Our favorite part is that it maintains the Moso story of using upcycled fabric pieces found in the local market. 

Neutral Plain Jane Necklace > Original Plain Jane

Like the first one, but neutral! The gray leather cord paired with the white clay bead gives it a more minimalistic feel that the more rustic look of the first one, which featured brown leather cord and a burnt orange bead! 

Aluminum Cuff > Original Aluminum Cuff

This update on our classic design is higher quality than the original style due to a more detail-oriented technique. We’ve retired the version that had hand-stamped words, but you get to choose from smooth or hammered aluminum! 

Revived Shield Necklace > Original Shield Necklace

The original Shield Necklace was designed at a time when several women in our company were needing a little extra strength. And with our revamped spin on it, the Revived Shield came back even stronger. Inspired by our original Shield Necklace, the Revived Shield represents resilience and courage. The upcycled aluminum is tested in fire, just like we are on our hardest days. May or may not come with superpowers!

2nd stories are kinda our jam. We love that we got to improve some products we were already carrying when we developed our most recent product line. Shop these updated pieces (and original pieces that are on sale!) below and feel good about the impact you’re making with each purchase. 

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