The Power of a Purchase

The Power of a Purchase

The Power of a Purchase

There’s nothing like some good ole fashion retail therapy to make the world seem normal these days, huh? Especially, when it involves online shopping! Over these past few months we have certainly found ourselves in the endless scroll-cycle-trance when it comes to shopping.  There are so many new and cool products available that seem like they will totally change our lives.  The question that we have for you today is this: will any product or piece of clothing or new shiny gadget actually change the way you live?

You see, a lot of the things that we buy actually have a negative impact on the environment and the people who made it.  The culture of over consumption and modern consumerism leaves us with piles and piles of fast fashion items and closets full of fad products that we don’t really use all that often.  There’s nothing wrong with spending your money on things you love, but here at 2nd Story Goods we challenge ourselves to change our mindsets towards spending our money on products that do more good than harm.

Last week on the blog we talked about changing the shape of poverty. We encouraged readers to take part in “changing the shape” by investing your money in countries and regions that need more funds.  When you invest in 2nd Story Goods by purchasing beautiful goods from us, you are making a statement that you care about the quality of the products you buy, an the ethics of their production.  You are sending a message that you expect the brands you purchase from to pay their workers fair and livable wages; you are following the mindset that you want to buy stuff that you feel good about buying.  Your purchase has power.

When you buy from 2nd Story Goods, you are investing into lives and into a nation.  You are enabling families to thrive beyond day-to-day life. You are using your purchasing power to empower men and women in Haiti— we think that’s pretty beautiful!

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