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 Helping Improve Lives of Survivors - Not i But We Partnership

Not i But We was born out of the fundamental need to see economic justice for survivors of human trafficking. Poverty is one of the greatest driving forces of human trafficking, and without providing viable opportunities, survivors often find themselves in the very same situation that led them to be exploited in the first place. With the unemployment in South Africa being over 50%, dignifying and sustainable employment is incredibly difficult to come by.  

NiBW works with the women at S-Cape, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in Cape Town. While there, the survivors receive physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care, as well as skills development and job opportunities to ensure that they can flourish in their reintegration.  

Every purchase provides dignity, justice, hope and healing. We cannot end this injustice alone, we are inextricably bound together and we are not free until all are free.

2nd Story Goods Connection


Our first and only partner outside of Haiti, Not i But We is very special to us! Not i But We was born out of the fundamental need to see economic justice for survivors of human trafficking in South Africa. 

Our relationship started in their beginnings when in 2019, the founder Madison, while working with survivors in South Africa and writing the business plan for NiBW, came to visit our space in Haiti to learn from our model.

 In 2021, Olivia, our Marketing Director at 2nd Story Goods, went to South Africa to visit Not i But We. Soon it was clear that we were going to be making an exception to our rule that all of our products are made in Haiti in order to support this amazing organization as they find more space in the US market!

A Message From Not i But We

Not I But We is so excited to partner with 2SG!  We really admire the work 2SG has been doing far longer than us and have learned so much from them already.  It is an honour to partner with a company that is truly transforming the world.  It feels like the perfect partnership as two companies who desire to see dignified employment for individuals in countries where job opportunities are scarce (more so in Haiti of course) which inevitably leads to exploitation of the vulnerable.  We love that 2SG is a bridge between artisans with an incredible craft and the marketplace.  As a new social enterprise in a country with its own complexities, we know we have an enormous amount to learn, but the one thing that unites 2SG and Not I But We is the core desire to see individuals allowed the opportunity to create a better life for themselves, and in turn their families and communities.  We have a great gift as Americans to come from a nation of generous people, and we are also at a unique point in time where I believe more people are starting to truly examine their purchasing power and using it for good.  This puts both 2SG and Not I But We in the exciting place of getting products people want and need to them, while creating jobs that pay liveable wages and provide dignity to individuals across the world!  And we could not do it without customers like you, who chose to spend their dollar in a way that dignifies and redistributes wealth to those who historically have been marginalised.  We are so grateful to expand our network and champion one another on in this journey of making the world a better place through business!

Not I But We Products 


A set of 3 scrunchies from our good friends at Not i But We, handmade by survivors of human trafficking in South Africa.              


Organic, hydrating and moisturizing. Made with Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) essential oils. Made by our good friends at Not i But We, handmade by survivors of human trafficking in South Africa.

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