Essential Oil Lip Balm


The Product:

Organic, hydrating and moisturizing. Made with Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) essential oils. Made by

our good friends at Not i But We, handmade by survivors of human trafficking in South Africa.

This is the first time EVER that we're offering products made outside of Haiti, so you know we really believe in them and feel so aligned with their mission! ⁠

The Story:

Not i But We was born out of the fundamental need to see economic justice for survivors of human trafficking. Poverty is one of the greatest driving forces of human trafficking, and without providing viable opportunities, survivors often find themselves in the very same situation that led them to be exploited in the first place. With the unemployment in South Africa being over 50%, dignifying and sustainable employment is incredibly difficult to come by.  

NiBW works with the women at S-Cape, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in Cape Town. While there, the survivors receive physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care, as well as skills development and job opportunities to ensure that they can flourish in their reintegration.  

Every purchase provides dignity, justice, hope and healing. We cannot end this injustice alone, we are inextricably bound together and we are not free until all are free.


The Details:

-made with organic CPTG essential oils

- standard .15 oz tube