MAY 3, 2011   

MAY 3, 2011   


We leave Jubille this morning at 7:00 to go to Lester to buy Goats..  God

brought Cenor yesterday  to bring it all together…  he helped me

write the ‘goat contract’  that each participating family will sign.

With the money Jennifer Johns church collected 4 montha go ,  I think

we can buy 5 female goats…  We have gathered/involved 15 families to

start.  5 families get 1 female goat.  When that goat give young  they

pass along the doe after the young are weined.  The doe is passed to

the next family in the program.  if the doe gives two femailes they

keep one and pass along both the momma and one of the baby females to

two families.  If the goat gives a male and female  then they pass

only the momma along.

After the goats each give one set of babies then another tier of five

families is added.  If one of the goats dies and untimely death then

that family gets added back into the tier stucture…  kinda like a

perimid scheme.  we can’t loose.  Who couldn’t use another goat in the

family.. in your spare time??

It should be a fun day.

I think the truck may be full this morning… the news traveled fast yesterday

that today was the day.  I am going to borrow Bills camera and see if

I can’t capture the spirit of the event on film/didgits…

After I get back this afternoon  I have an appointment with Matthew

(technical assistant to the Mayor) and the Water guy from the french

group that tests water.

We are going to meet in Jubille in the gazebo.

I want him to see our well and give suggestions.

What i am hoping is the result of

this visit is that all three of our wells at the house and  2 in

jubille will be tested for bacteria and that I will get to show them

the Gardeners well to the south.  That well needs some help getting

the water out of the ground.

I am going to suggest a wind or solar

pump system could be a project for some group.  I can just imagian a

wind mill there that pumps water slowly but surely to those parched

garden plots..  ‘the greening of jubille’

some time today as well i will give these letters to Dr. Louissant

about the nurses training.  Could be a banner day!!!

Beaver Brooks

husband of the beautiful, loving  kathy brooks

dad to the most wonder 5 kids in the world and not to mention the next

tier of Judah and August

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