SEPTEMBER 16, 2013  

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013  


One of the great things about my beautiful mind is that I have the ability to watch the same movies. hear the same jokes, read the same books and study the same chapters of scripture over and over again, and it is always fresh.  (my children will tell you, I forget stuff )


So this morning I am cruising through 2 chronicles 26, so encouraged by this teenage king Uzziah who follows in the footsteps of his faithful dad king.


Then I read,  “ as long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success.”  I should have caught the foreshadowing there. 


The kid is an excellent manager, wins the hearts of warriors and fathers in the land. He is an agrarian, “loves the soil” and is brilliant in tearing down walls and rebuilding cities.   “ for he was greatly helped… until he became powerful “


WHAT?  no , I don’t like the sound of this twist in the story. I don’t like it at all.  


Keeping in mind that I have, without a doubt read this story many times before, I am pretty certain I have taught workshops from it… but again, my beautiful mind keeps things fresh ( ha ! ) 


After Uzziah became powerful his pride led to his downfall.  Some people, may actually remember how the story goes. He gets pretty arrogant in his relationship with God and starts a fight with the priests who come to confront him about it, then, to everyone’s horror, his skin begins to rot, ( leprosy ) right before their eyes.


He ends his life, secluded and powerless to help his family or his country.


My soul screams. 

O God what is the protection from that way of life?  

How to live in the safety of humility, wrapped in her coarse blanket of protection, immune to thoughts of judging others, feeling superior, thinking I know so much?


And I remember ( ah! ) one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite new books,  One Thousand Gift by Ann Voskamp  




Lures Humility out of her hiding place.


I remember : ( again )  Protection from becoming rotten:      Gratitude.

 May i Never forget.

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