Father's Day

Father's Day

Father's Day

Fathers have an incredible influence that runs deep and far in our lives. They often offer endless love and instill hope and dreams in their children. Father’s Day is approaching, which means it’s almost time to celebrate them and show our appreciation. Because of the great impact of fathers all over the world, we made this Father’s Day gift guide to help you choose the best gift for your dad! 

Leather Wallet

1. Leather Wallets

Gift your Dad convenience with one of our wallets. We offer the Minimalist Wallet and the Classic Wallet. These wallets were designed for maximum functionality while taking up minimal space. Both include an ID window and 3 card slots. Both are handmade in Benson’s workshop, and the difference between the two is that the Classic Wallet has a big cash slot and the Minimalist Wallet is non-folding with a ton of slots and pockets.

 Leather Belts

2. Leather Belts 

We have the Black Leather Belt and the Brown Leather Belt. These sturdy hand-crafted belts will not disappoint as a gift! They are made with 3 locally sourced layers. The outside piece is full-grain dyed leather.  The middle piece is there for support. And the third piece on the inside is split leather. This gives it a softer more comfortable feel and makes the belt pliable.  The holes are hand-punched one inch apart and fitted to the Nickel plated buckle. The people who hand-make these in Haiti- many fathers themselves- create strong durable leather belts for the strong durable men in your life!

 Leather Portfolio

3. Dual-Loading Leather Portfolio

If you have a father that’s stylish and (un)organized then our Dual-Loading Leather Portfolio is perfect! Really handsome portfolios, made with locally-sourced leather! Comes in two sizes, and both have the capacity to carry a legal type pad or load it from the side with a moleskin-type journal. Help your dad stay organized and look really good doing it! 

 Fair Trade Coffee

4. Haitian Coffee

Singing Rooster Coffee is a great way for your father to start his day! Whether he prefers ground or whole bean coffee, we have 4 different flavors that come in both forms. Choose from Dark Roast French, Medium Dark Vienna, “Haitian Honey” Medium Roast, and Tete Source Premium. Not only is this a gift that is sure to make your father smile daily, but it’s also a gift that gives back since it is fair trade certified. Share some time and a special cup of Singing Rooster Coffee with your father this Father’s Day!

 Handmade Mug

5. Handmade Mug 

Speaking of coffee, your pops needs something to drink it out of right? Gift him a handmade mug that can become his special mug, just for him. Set the precedent in your card: kind of like dad’s chair, no one else can use this mug! Handmade from Haitian clay for a living wage at Papillon, this mug creates many jobs! 


Leather Passport Cover

6. Passport Cover  

Do you have a father who wants to see the world? 

Give him our leather Passport Cover this upcoming Father’s Day! Not only is the size just right for a passport, but it also has internal pockets to hold his driver's license, credit card, cash, and more.  Check out this great gift for a dad with a wandering soul! 

 Convertible Tool Pouch

7. Convertible Tool Pouch 

Our Convertible Tool Pouch was designed with fathers that are active makers in mind. This roll-up tool pouch also doubles as a half apron. Not only can your father travel anywhere with all their things rolled up, but they can also wear it around their waist for use with ease. We LOVE this design! So versatile! The pockets range in size from small enough to hold a few pens or nails, to big enough for small tools or a large cell phone. Amaze your father with this creative and versatile gift!

 Aluminum Keychain

8. Aluminum Pendant Keychain

Is your dad the “I have everything I need so don’t get me a gift” kind of dad? But you still want to show him your appreciation? Or someone that cares deeply about making an impact in the world? This keychain is for him! $5 of every keychain sold goes directly to our fund for starting a new aluminum workshop that will provide new skills training and create new jobs in Gonaives! (The other $5 goes to making the keychain!) 

 10 minute essay journal

9. 10 Minute Essay Journal

Our favorite product ever! Now available and the perfect gift for Dad.

"I had the great honor of watching my Dad write a 10-minute essay years ago when he visited us in Haiti. We were all gathered around the big table in Gonaives, and the prompt was given. The timer set for 10 minutes, he took his pen in hand, shot me an “I can’t believe you’re getting me to do this” kind of look, and began to write.

After 10 minutes, it was pencils down and we went around the circle sharing. When it was his turn to read it aloud to the group, you could have heard a pin drop. WOWZERWOO, the depth that came from him blew us away. Even himself. He looked at me and said, I don’t know where that came from.

It was so entirely beautiful.

Yes, this year, I am giving my dad, Papa Gene, a 10-minute Journal for Father’s Day. You bet I am! The booklet of prompts will get him started, and then he will take it from there!"




Wishing your dad the best father's day yet and that he feels the impact of the gift you got him this year, both in his life and the lives of those who made it! 

-the 2SG team 

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