Why Join Our Sub Club

Why Join Our Sub Club

Why Join Our Sub Club

Let’s say you just found out that a friend or co-worker has a birthday today. 

And you want to be the  kind of gift giving person that always has a thoughtful gift on hand?


We can help! 


2nd Story Goods has a monthly Sub Club!  Did you know that? And it’s only $27 a month. And that includes Shipping! 


With our Sub Club each month you get a box of gorgeous hand crafted goods that you will want to keep for yourself, but because you are the kind of gift giving person, you’re going to love giving as well! 


Ok that’s what our 2SG Sub Club can do for you.


But you should know, that what YOU are doing for the makers of the goods of the Sub Club is also worth mentioning here. 


History shows us that for cities to thrive, there has to be a stable middle class. A group of people that have steady, dependable income that live past the edge of a day to day survival mode. The middle class are big stake holders in the well being of communities. 

They purchase goods there, send their kids to school there and are likely involved in volunteer efforts to care for neighbors. Middle Class is crazy important if you want to develop a stable growing city/ nation. 


Back to Sub Club… the makers and managers that create the goods, manage the warehouse, the inventory systems, the shipping capacity…all of these people when rightfully employed, make up the middle class. We started the Sub Club 5 years ago to help grow our capacity to keep work flowing for these talented people.  


It is a tremendously impactful way to use purchasing power to be the change we want to see in the world! 


Join our Subscription Club here today! 

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