Photoshoot Location: The Parthenon

Photoshoot Location: The Parthenon

Photoshoot Location: The Parthenon


Our most recent photoshoot happened at the Parthenon in Nashville, which was built as a tribute to the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. 



The Greek Parthenon was a turning point in human civilization. 
It was created to serve as the religious, cultural, economic and political center of Athens. It was dedicated to Athena, who interestingly enough, among other things, like wisdom and righteousness, was thought of as the goddess of crafts and skilled peacetime pursuits! 



The idea of the development of a city, and then the building up of a nation in turn, is crucial to us at 2nd Story Goods. 
Your purchases with 2nd Story Goods directly impact the economic development of Gonaives, one of Haiti’s largest cities. 



What does the stabilizing of a city do for its people? 
Our hierarchy of needs demands that we move TOWARD resources that keep us and our families fed and sheltered.  If the biggest sources of those resources are in crime, trafficking, or gang activity...then that is where we are tempted to go to find what we need for survival. 
But, if there are industries that impact economic development and strengthen personal power and responsibility in creative, and joy -filled ways...then people have options. 
And OPTIONS are everything.



Stabilizing a city means there are more fairly paid jobs which leads to better Education and Health Care and in turn, generational change. 
We love that we got to do this photoshoot at this special and meaningful location. Our hope is that it is a reminder that we are all working together toward something lasting, something so much bigger than ourselves.


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